A Unique Cloud Based School Management System.

Designed for Islamic schools and programs and Integrated with MOHID.

Fee Management

We realize that every school has a unique set of requirements when it comes to Fee Structures. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a fee management module with flexibility at its core.

  • Fee Types

    With MUNTAZIM , you can add as many fee types as you want ranging from one time registration fee to a periodic recurring fees with customizable number of occurrences.

  • Discount Management

    A complete discount management feature to apply and track discounts such as automatic Member or Sibling discounts.

  • Tution Management

    Our robust tuition management functionality allows parents as well as admins to auto enroll for recurring fee payments via echeck, ACH and credit/debit cards, process one time payments.

  • Payment Processing

    Since MUNTAZIM utilizes MOHID payment processing framework, you have choice to use a single payment processing account or connect separate bank accounts with processing accounts

Multiple Schools

Unlike other School management systems , MUNTAZIM allows you to add unlimited number of schools or programs and courses with each school having a unique identity and details.

Each school can be linked with specific role based users , which will only have access to that particular school or set of schools and the roles assigned for them.

This allows ease of administration and convenience to the parents as they can access information related to their kids through the same parent portal regardless of which school they are enrolled in


Admissions are always centric to the operations and success of any small or large scale academic institution. We have done extensive research and collected feedback from many institutions and this results in a state of the art Admissions management module.

  • Course and class structure

    Provides a flexible and easy to use interface to define your Course and class structure which enhance advance capabilities to make your overall operations more efficient and interactive

  • Flexibility

    Admins can add multiple levels of courses and assign specific teachers, number of seats, fee type and subject to each course.

  • Admission Workflow

    The admissions modules allows a workflow to be defined and gives the administrators the option to accept admission applications in-person or through auto generated online admission forms

  • Easy to use

    With MUNTAZIM Admissions Management module , defining admissions policy and enrolling students is just few clicks away , which makes it an easy to use and robust school management system.


One of the highlights of MUNTAZIM is its Student Information module , which makes the following tasks easy to perform, manage, track and report.

  • Attendance

    A simple interface to quickly record attendance (present, absent, tardy) for each enrolled student in a class, detailed individualized reports as well as customized aggregated statistics, auto updates of attendance reports to parent portal. No more sheets of paper!

  • Assignments

    A complete module for teachers to assign homework/projects to students electronically with attachments. Assignments can be scheduled to be sent automatically via email to students/parents and uploaded on parent portal. Teachers can track turned in work vs missing and late, grade assignments and more

  • Grading and Reports

    Class work, exams, tests, quizzes can be assessed and graded with the system auto calculating final or quarterly grades based on predefined policies based on grades received and their weightage. Report card templates can be customized to generate, print and email report cards for all students. Simple and easy one click operation!

Parent and Teacher portals

Both teachers and parents have their personalized dashboards where they can login and perform various tasks specific to their students and assigned courses.

Teachers can assign, receive, track and grade homework, classwork, projects, tests, exams, quizzes. Mark attendance in quick time and generate reports including quarterly and final report cards. and communicate with the parents via mass email and SMS messaging.

From parent portal, parents can manage their children's enrollments, pay fees, monitor attendance and assignments and communicate with Teachers and Admins via email, plus monitor a history of all communication from past.

We are confident that with MUNTAZIM Parent and Teacher portals , you will see an [Emphasis]increased involvement of parents in the academic life of students , which is an essential ingredient for the success of every school.


MUNTAZIM includes a very important feature to allow simple, effective and auditable communication between administrators, teachers and parents.

The communication module is designed to enhance collaboration and keep everyone up to date with important news, events, programs, announcements, etc.

The customizable options in MUNTAZIM’s communication module and the fact that MUNTAZIM maintains the most up to date list of recipients at all times for all schools, enrolled courses, administrators, teachers and parents.

So next time grades 2 and 3 are going out for a field trip, send out the announcement in a flash with a single click without worrying about who to send it to.


  • PACKAGE 1 Student/Month
  • $2
  • 1-300 Enrolled Students
  • PACKAGE 2 Student/Month
  • $1.60
  • 301-700 Enrolled Students
  • PACKAGE 3 Student/Month
  • $1.25
  • 701-1000 Enrolled Students
  • PACKAGE 4 Student/Month
  • $0.89
  • 1001+ Enrolled Students